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District of Nevada

District Office Contact

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Las Vegas - District Headquarters

Phone: (725) 277-6800


Phone: (775) 686-5780

District of Nevada

District of Nevada

This section provides more information about District of Nevada.

Gary G. Schofield

Marshal Gary G. Schofield

Marshal Schofield leads the operations of the U.S. Marshals Service in Nevada. Additionally, he serves on the Nevada Joint Terrorism Task Force Executive Board, the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Executive Board, and the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force executive board.

District Task Force Contact

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Nevada constitutes one judicial district.

Court: in Las Vegas, Reno

The organizational structure of the district can be found in the United States Code Title 28, Part I, Chapter 5, Section 108.

Profiled Fugitives

If you have information on any fugitives, please call 1-888-869-4589. (24 Hour Tip Line)

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